Dealer Management System

SAP for Dealership Management System (DMS) is a vertical solution built specifically for automotive industry and car/motorcycle dealerships and covers process from sales to workshops. The front-end solution is a web-based application and runs on a web browser.


The module consists of the following components: Leasing Simulation and Monitoring and Approval, Vehicle Sales Order, and Delivery Orders, Vehicle Tracking (from purchase to sales), Vehicle Registration Number and BBN (Bea Balik Nama) processing and Invoicing. Vehicle delivery suggestion route and Incentive sales are also available in the module.


The Purchasing module provides facilities to help your company track vehicle purchase and allocation, Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI), manage credit limit to Principal, and purchase incentive from Principal.

Workshop/Service Management

The Service Management module manages activities related to workshop and service department, starting from service advisor (SA) appointment, work orders, technician/labor working hours (start, break and finish), estimation of workshop duration, service process in graphical illustration, validation to technician work to invoicing. The module tracked customer and vehicles service histories, including those done with third party vendors. The system will automatically generate invoice for each itemized parts, oil and labor involved in a work order.



Companies within the construction and engineering industry, you face challenges such as providing accurate bids and cost collection as well as effectively managing complex projects, change orders, costing and billing. We had develop an Industry Specific solutions for construction companies. The features included in the vertical solution are:

  • Budgeting Management
  • Customer Contract
  • Cost Control
  • Purchase Request and Purchase Order
  • Work-In-Progress
  • Sub-Contract Order and Progress Monitoring
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Inventory Transaction


Our plantation vertical completes our SAP solution portfolio. The features include:

  • Field Clearing (Pembukaan Lahan)
  • Nursery (Pembibitan)
  • Crop Cultivation (Penanaman)
  • Crop Husbandry (Perawatan) of TBM (Tanaman Belum Menghasilkan) and TM (Tanaman Menghasilkan)
  • Check Roll (Upah Kebun)
  • Running Account (Eksploitasi Alat dan Angkutan)
  • Harvesting (Panen)
  • Transportation
  • Logistics And Warehouse
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Integration to Weighing System
  • Reports of end-to-end Plantation Management.

With speedy and complete access to information, our solution can help your plantation more effectively by facilitating better and more effective and efficient resources.


Restaurant and Café

To ease operational activities of restaurants and café overall, our point-of-sales (POS) is built under touch screen technology spanning from operations of server, cashier, kitchen, bar including all reports needed for restaurant/café owners. Its capability also includes monitoring of employees performance, sales outcome, and inventory.


The POS has 2 (two) separate modules: back-office and front-office. Front-office functions as the sales system that assists cashier in recording sales whilst back-office is utilized for application setting and configuration, transfer data and viewing reports.

Back-office module resides on every branch and head office. At the head office level, it functions as the direct interface with SAP Business One as accounting system as well as essential data distribution to all branches’ back-office.

Features highlights of the POS front-office include: price setup, menu per branch, promotion, discount, payment means, event management (such as birthday party or wedding), item package and recipe, management report downloadable to Excel, inventory input and adjustment, log report. It also supports multiple branches, multiple rooms, and supports item timer such as karaoke, pool, computer rental and driving range.

The back-office features include employee attendance facility, move table & flexible room layout, split and join bill, integration to cash drawer and receipt printer, flexible payment means, additional order/topping, void or substitute items. It also supports guest and membership database; service, tax & other charges; printout order in multiple places; item grouping; and setup for dine-in, take away, crew meal, and delivery.


Wholesale and Distribution

Our wholesale and distribution solution gives distributors full financial control and clear visibility into purchasing, inventory control, sales, CRM, customer service, billing, warehouse management and fulfillment. It is a one-stop solution for distributors to address the business needs. Our experiences in many distribution companies have enriched our solution features for wholesalers and distributors.

Mobility Solution

In addition, our team has developed Mobility Solution in Android for distributors which are integrated with SAP:

  1. Order Taking

The feature allows Sales to input sales order with multi-currency feature and handle transaction by project. The order will transmit automatically to the SAP and become sales order draft for approval.

  1. Customer Master data

Sale can input and update customer master and view sales order created, sales order status for delivery and invoice per customer.

  1. Organizer

The feature enable Sales to arrange visitation to the customers.

  1. Promotion

Sales can view and see in real-time the promotion given by the head office (company).

  1. Approval Transaction and Alert

This feature handles all approvals and alerts with authorization settings in SAP and Android.

  1. Payment of Customer Invoice

This function will handle payment of Accounts Receivable invoice already billed to the customer. It will generate list of due/overdue invoice to be collected by Sales during visitation to customer according to route/depo mapped per Sales. The mobile system will create a payment draft document based on customers’ Accounts Receivable invoices.

  1. Report

Report readily available on mobile SAP Android are Order Tracking (to monitor Sales Order created), Stock Report (to check inventory and balance), Sales Rating (to illustrate which items are in top sales list), Target vs. Realization (to analyze comparison sales target vs. sales realization per Sales per month).


Textile and Apparel

Our textile and apparel solution is integrated with SAP for textile and apparel manufacturers. The solution covers all textile processes – from supervising the machines to controlling. The main business segments included are textile production (yarns/yard goods), finishing, processing, make-up of technical textiles and home furnishings. The solution has unique features: process engineering in capacity planning (APS) and material management (MRP), scheduling and textile network-planning with the SAP-characteristic value in the area of finance and controlling.

In addition to complete functions, the solution has plant data collection (PDC) and the process control (MES/Manufacturing Execution System) and has the ability to connect to machines and collect data as needed. Thereby you obtain reliable information in order to identify problems in your company very quickly. This integration saves costs for interfaces and for operating different systems.


SAP Business One Modules

  • Administration
  • Financials
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Sales / Purchasing
  • Business Partner
  • Management
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • MRP
  • Service Management
  • Reports